Hart of Dixie 3×04: A handsome stranger

Hart of Dixie S03E04

Hart of Dixie 3×04: Help Me Make It Through the Night
Lemon is banned from the Junior League Halloween Masquerade party by Crickett, because she left the Belles. Only problem is Lemon needs to be at the party to get her dating life back on track. So she calls in the big guns: her grandmother. In the meantime Annabeth tries to avoid Lavon’s special surprise, which she suspects is going to be a proposal, because she is waiting from some test results which could mess up her dreams of having a big family. She confides in Zoe, who uses this as a perfect opportunity to mend some fences between Lavon and Joel, who got off on the wrong foot. Wade is back to his old ways, sleeping with every woman who makes herself available to him. Can’t believe we are back to that again…

– Lemon’s storyline was very funny this episode, with her grandma and her horrible date. She even admitted she can be a snob sometimes. I love the journey this character has made since season one. She definitely deserved to meet a guy like Peter (played by One Tree Hill alum Robert Buckley). Talk about things I loved… his character was just super cute. Please bring him back for more episodes! I suspect (and hope) that Jaime King maternity leave will have something to do with Lemon going after Peter.
– I hate what is happening on the other hand with Wade. Did he really needed to start sleeping around again? That is so season one! It doesn’t even fit with the character we got to know and love… stop ruining Wade writers. You can create better Wade and George bromance moments.
– Zoe’s storyline focused on being a good friend instead of her messy love life this week. Which was kind of refreshing actually. It even made Joel a bit more likeable. He helped her out without knowing the whole story. While I’m warming up to Joel, I’m still not a Joel and Zoe shipper.
– Poor Annabeth, she had a tough week. Doctor’s tests are no joke and seeing the little kid trick or treating while her dreams were about to get crushed. No wonder she had a little breakdown. I’m glad she is okay.
– Lavon’s special surprise, OMG. That was funny. The girls tried so hard to avoid it and it was just a movie. Men!
– Dash out did himself with a special Halloween show. These small town moments are adorable.

– Should Robert Buckley return for more episodes as Lemon’s new lover?
– Did you yell “men?!” along side besties Zoe and AB?
– Who should be Joel’s best friend in town: Lavon or Wade?

Hart of Dixie 3×04 quotes
Zoe: “You’re wrong. Together, we will bridge the athlete/mathlete divide.”

George: “Well, then it looks to me that you only got one choice left.”
Lemon: “Fine. I’ll keep my gag reflex in check, and I’ll just go talk to Crickett.”
George: “No. Calling your grandmother. The Don Corleone of the Alabama social scene.”
Lemon: “Are you out of your mind? Calling Grandma Bettie is like inviting a great white shark to your pool party.”

Annabeth: “Tests? Like multiple-choice tests, or, like, ‘I need to get my parents back from their retirement cruise and auction off my shoe collection’ tests?”

Grandma Bettie: “Bertram, when it’s your turn to speak, you will know.”

Grandma Bettie: “Come, Lemon, if the Red Sea can be parted, perhaps we can resurrect your social standing from the dead. Chop, chop.”

Grandma Bettie: “Oh, and just because I’m focused on the Titanic which is your daughter’s life, does not mean that I have forgotten about the Hindenburg which is yours.”
Brick: “Mother, I am so pleased you have not lost your propensity for exaggeration and hyperbole.”

Joel: “What do you think we’re gonna do, repeal Obamacare? Invade Cuba? It’s just a beer.”

Peter: “I’m just passing through town, I got a flat tire, I missed my flight. Boss says, ‘Hey, there’s this huge party tonight.’ Next thing, I have a mask, and a chance to talk to a woman on a date with an insufferable tool.”

Zoe: “Oh, there is. I have an acute case of anxiety because my best friend and my boyfriend refuse to be friends. I’m not leaving until we fix this once and for all.”
Lavon: “Uhh… Where’s my damn alligator when you need him?”

Peter: “Or you know what? Here’s one. Why don’t you tell him that you’re leaving with the man that you met at the bar that you already like 20 times more than him.”

Lavon: “Guests are people you invite over, not people who show up on your special night unannounced. These are home invaders. They can get their pie to go.”

Lemon: “You must think that I’m a snob. You know what? You’re right, I probably am. Well, I don’t even like listening to me right now.”

George: “I think you are getting with every unavailable woman you can because the one unavailable girl you want, you can’t have.”
Wade: “Oh, wow, that is… that is deep, Dr. Freud, but you’re wrong… so, so wrong.”

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