Hart of Dixie 3×05: The hero of Zoe Hart

Hart of Dixie S03E05

Hart of Dixie 3×05: How Do You Like Me Now?
Remember that Zoe told Joel that there was some history between her and George, but never really spilled the beans about what exactly happened? Well lucky for us the sweet town folks from Bluebell remember the story by heart (pun intended). They are also sure that Zoe is living her happily ever after with the wrong guy, because everyone thinks that George is Zoe’s mister right (but we all know that they’re wrong about that too, right Team Zade?). So Zoe tries really hard this week to get everyone on Team Joe by chaperoning the Tween Adventure Camp with Joel… George!

Yes, this episode was hilarious. Zoe is seriously worried about the town liking Joel, but after he skips on zip-lining because of his fear of heights golden boy George saves the day as the new chaperon. He is actually not thrilled spending quality time with Zoe, because after the wedding debacle he is not a fan of our favorite doctor. She didn’t realize she might have caused him more heartbreak than she thought. That became kind of obvious when the tweens played the Zoe song on their iPhones. Awkward. Around the time Zoe and George found some common ground, Joel and Lynly got the details of the Zeorge story from Dash. I still digg Dash’s blog by the way.

In the end a drunk Joel gets a lift from Wade to the camp side and decides to show the world that he is the hero of the Zoe Hart story by zip-lining. Yes, that thing he was afraid off… And because of his drunkenness he forgot everything about safe zip-lining. Stupid writers. The best thing was that mature and smart Wade was back, because he casually mentioned that he and Zoe both know that George isn’t the hero of her story, but he is. And it’s just a matter of time before they are back together. Yay! I told you it was a great episode, right?

Back in Bluebell everyone thought Lemon made her perfect night with Peter (the handsome guy from the Masquerade party last week) up. Meatball thinks she will even take him back. In the meantime Crickett is messing up one of Lavon’s assignments again. The Belles are in charge of decorating the gazebo – Valentine’s Day style – for the Gazebos of Alabama Calendar. Why don’t people realize she isn’t the perfect fit for this job? Lavon asks Lemon to interfere. So the mean minions decide to mess everything up by making Meatball chain himself to the perfect gazebo. A very mature Lemon saves the day, after realizing that Peter was a nice fling. She reminded Meatball they had a fling too and it is really over. With one last kiss they say goodbye and of course the picture of them kissing in front of the gazebo ensured Bluebell the cover of the calendar. One final sidenote: it seems like Lynly and George hit it off after the pub quiz. Although it was a cute scene, I still have trouble liking Lynly.

There is only one question… are you Team Zade, Zeorge or Joe?

Hart of Dixie 3×05 quotes
Zoe: “Next time you get an appendage stuck in some girl’s zipper, have Brick deal with it. He will not be as gentle as I.”

Wade after being accused of messing with Dash’s blog poll by Zoe: “Yeah, caught me red-handed. See, I took a computer class, learned hacking and I made it into the mainframe. It was pretty tough, but I did it. No, I did not. Matter of fact, I voted yes.”

Meatball about dating Lemon: “As long as she’s so pretty and I’m so… me, ‘done’ is a four-letter word.”

Lavon about the Gazebo Calendar business: “Yeah. Well, I’m not content with just February. You know, shortest month of the year. I want the cover.”

Zoe: “Because these are my people, you know? I want them to root for us!”
Lavon: “Oh, give it time, Zoe. Joel is an acquired taste. Just like you.”

Zoe: “Come on, you’re supposed to be my best friend.”
Lavon: “Yeah, and I forgot how exhausting it could be.”

Dash: “Zoe’s new beau just rear-ended our revered Reverend. This man just can’t catch a break. Or seem to find one.”

Joel: “I’m the only person keeping Yellow Cab Company in business.”

Zoe: “I have a great idea. What if this Sunday, you preach a “Love Thy Neighbor”? Thy new neighbor?”
Reverend Mayfair: “Zoe, uh, I am not the all-request DJ at WWJD.”

Zoe: “Hey! Jemmaline, Cody! What do you say? I’m desperate.”
Wade: “I’ll do it.”
Zoe: “Not that desperate.”

Wade: “Haircut, huh? I wonder which pretty brunette that could be for. Hmm. Maybe it’s the one who asked me how to play darts this morning in Lavon’s kitchen.”
George: “Okay. Okay. Lynly and I are hanging out. It’s no big deal.”
Wade: “No big deal. Just make sure you marry her.”
George: “Excuse me?”
Wade: “Well, you and Lavon, you’re buds now. You know, he probably thinks you’re a stand-up guy. But when you hurt his little Lynly? That man will pull out your toes, one by one, and he will stick them up your nose. And I’d have to lend a hand ’cause I don’t pay rent and he expects me to help out with that kind of thing.”

Zoe: “Look, Joel, this town has few perks, but the one that has kept me here is the feeling, for the first time in my life, that I belong to a community. And I wanted you to feel that, too. So I’m doing it for us.”

Tween from Adventure Camp: “The day George left Lemon at the altar because he secretly loved Zoe was, like, the most dramatic day in BlueBell history.”

Joel: “13 percent. It’s not like I’m the House of Representatives. Hey, why don’t people like me? Is it the whole North-South thing? Because I thought we, as a country, had moved past that.”

Joel: “Tween girls were cheering for George in the street today, like he was a British boy band.”

Zoe: “You wrote a song about me?”
George: “Yes, about how much I hate you. I don’t know why everyone finds that so romantic.”

George: “Yeah, I wish that I would not have gone to see you that morning, I definitely wish I wouldn’t have written that song, and I wish I would have never picked you up on the side of the road.”
Zoe: “Yeah. No, I can see why. ‘Cause if you never met me, you’d probably be happily married to Lemon right now.”

Joel: “Attention, BlueBellites! You have it all wrong! George Tucker is not the hero of the Zoe story. I am!”

Wade: “It’s too bad. Guy’s so worried about George Tucker.”
Zoe: “I know. It’s insane.”
Wade: “Course it is. Everybody’s got it all wrong. ‘Cause you and I both know damn well you’re still in love with me. Looking good, buddy!”

George song:
“If she never came to town
Then she never
would have found me
Driving on the side
of the road
When I gave her a ride
and she sat down inside
I didn’t know things
were about to explode.”

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