The Originals 1×05: Two sides to every witch story

The Originals S01E05

The Originals 1×05: Sinners and Saints
Always wondered why Davina is stuck in an attic? Well this episode we got the answer and it was awesome. I love where this show is heading: tough witches, diabolical vampires etc. Lets break it down for you.

– Elijah won Davina over, promising her to help her control this insane magic within her. I think it’s great Davina is loyal to Elijah now. Since Marcel is trying to keep her out of Klaus’ hands.
– The Harvest ritual was so disturbing. The Originals writers really like dramatic deaths. The writers deserve a thumbs up for the witches they created. On The Vampire Diaries the witches are always losing, on this shows they seems so powerful. I won’t mess with these people.
– That was a nice twist about Sophie. Apparently she will do anything to fix the mess she created by telling Marcel about the witch business and killing her niece in the process.
– Rebekah and Hayley are so much fun. Together, but also when they both greeted Elijah in their own way. PS: I spot fireworks between Hayley and Elijah!
– It was nice to see that when Marcel saw Davina fight for her life, Marcel had the same epiphany as Klaus, when he saved Marcel(lus) from his slave life. Somehow these guys are so similar (and not just because Klaus raised Marcel), but unfortunately they are too stubborn to coexist. I really liked how Elijah broke up their fight. It was so typical Elijah.
– I was surprised that Cami’s quest about her brother was solved already. I’m curious what Klaus will do with this information.

The Originals 1×05 quotes
Davina: “You’re the one they call honorable.”
Elijah: “Yes. That’s what they call me, and yet I followed my brother here to New Orleans to engage in a war. So I ask you, does that sound honorable to you?”
Davina: “You don’t look well.”
Elijah: “Well, only this morning, I had a mystical dagger embedded in my chest. So I’d say I’m holding myself together quite well.”

Klaus: “Well, how, may I ask, was this particular vision interpreted?”
Sophie: “Pretty much that your baby would bring death to all witches.”
Klaus: “Ah, well, I grow fonder of this child by the second.”
Rebekah: “Sophie, look. I promised Elijah that I would protect the Mikaelson miracle baby whilst he tries to win your witch Davina’s loyalty. Why don’t you tell me just how extreme this faction is?”

Klaus: “Marcel, bit early in the day for you, isn’t it?”
Marcel: “I know. I make this look easy, but I still have an empire to run.”

Klaus: “Dead witches in the bayou. Sounds like less of a problem and more like a cause for celebration.”

Hayley talking about Klaus and Marcel: “So distract them because unless you want to lock a hormonal, pregnant werewolf in a tomb, I’m coming with you, and wouldn’t Elijah be mad if he hears that the baby and I died of asphyxiation?”

Rebekah to Klaus: “Well, order up a few rounds of moonshine and stay clear of the dead witches for a few. The witch is on a burial mission, your baby mama is on a spirit quest, and I’m keeping Elijah’s promise to keep her safe. So stall, please.”

Rebekah: “Yes, and now that we’ve established that I am a failure as a sister and a friend and an original, you should probably know he’s on his way to Marcel right now to rat me out. Skinny guy in a hurry, looks like he saw a ghost?”

Marcel: “Your sister again?”
Klaus: “She craves attention.”

Marcel: “He knew I didn’t want the witches getting any more power, and I do have a rule about people abusing kids.”

Rebekah: “I hope so. Because you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of me.”
Marcel: “Oh, Rebekah Mikaelson, you do not want to be on the wrong side of me.”

Elijah: “This is not manipulation. This is one thing in exchange for another. I’m offering you a deal.”

Klaus: “That was fast work, Rebekah. Where’s Marcel, in there touching up his lipstick?

Elijah: “You know, difficulties aside, I value my family above everything. I am sorry that yours failed you.”
Davina: “Your brother Klaus handed you to Marcel in a box, yet you still don’t give up on him.”
Elijah: “Well, I’ve given up on giving up. It’s an affliction. I will fight for my family until my last breath.”
Davina: “And I’ll fight the witches until mine.”

Sophie: “I love Sabine, but she’s the witch equivalent of a drama queen.”

Elijah: “Do forgive me, Marcel. If anyone is to teach my brother a lesson, it’s me.”

Rebekah: “I don’t care if we have to get you a leash. That was your last trip to the bayou.”

Rebekah: “Well, if you ask me, family is a pain in the behind, and as for being in it alone, how dare you? I don’t ruin a perfectly fabulous pair of boots traipsing through the bayou for just anyone.”

Elijah: “We thought we’d come here to wage a war for power. This is about family. In order to return her niece to life, Sophie Deveraux will fight to the death. That makes her more dangerous than anyone.”

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