Nashville 2×09: Three chords and the truth

Nashville S02E09

Nashville 2×09: I’m Tired of Pretending
This was such a good episode. Avery and Zoey visited Gunnar and Scarlett on tour after the weirdest phone call session ever. Lamar is trying to get house arrest instead of jail time, which puts Tandy in an awkward position when he asks her to vouch for him. Maddie asks her parents permission for guitar lessons from Deacon and even goes a step further by inviting Deacon on the stage during the music festival (kids edition) to sing one of his old songs with her. Juliette, Will and Layla are still touring too and the catfight between Layla and Juliette reaches a new low this episode. Will is also clearly having trouble with this new lifestyle (and being forced to be someone’s boyfriend) and acts out by drinking and bar diving. In the meantime Juliette has to make a decision about moving forward with Charlie.

– Of course Scarlett would find out about Zoey and Gunnar before they told her. Yes it was awkward, but she has moved on with Avery and if she hasn’t for real, she might finally released she shouldn’t have dumped Gunnar in the first place.
– No Luke Wheeler this week. That’s always a win.
– I feel sorry for Tandy. I’m guessing she is going to have a breakdown soon, since she is not able to talk to her sister about everything.
– Loved the scenes with Deacon and Maddie together. They really have a special connection. It’s a shame the two dads are fighting and making Maddie miserable in the process. But I’m glad Rayna stepped up in the situation. Although it didn’t stop Teddy from being a childish prick and abusing his current position as mayor for the zillionth time. I’m not sure if Deacon should move forward with all the legal stuff he was suggesting in the end. I want him to be a part of Maddie’s life, but I think it’s better without all the official claims. If the press heard about it Maddie’s life will turn into a mess I think.
– Although Juliette handled the Charlie situation in a very mature way after the great conversation she had with Will, the way she is acting out when it’s comes to Layla made her not very likable this episode. Basically I hate the Layla and Juliette storyline, because it so similar to Juliette and Rayna’s relationship last season, but without the getting to know / understanding the girl behind the Layla Grant mask part. This storyline needs to find some balance, but I guess the catfighting continues because Layla just called TMZ and ruined Juliette’s career.
– It was so sweet to see that Juliette realizes that Avery brings out the best in her. Charlie wasn’t the right person, like Glenn pointed out nicely to her. I wonder where Avery stands when Juliette develops real feelings for him…

The songs this episode were pretty good. I enjoyed all of them, but the duet between Deacon and his daughter Maddie was my personal favorite (but you probably already guessed that). Besides these adorable two people, I just adore the lyrics of A Life That’s Good.

According to the promo for the midseason finale someone is going to die. My best guess Tandy or Teddy. Why one of them? Because Lamar hates them (he doesn’t know it yet about Tandy, but he will) and I suspect him of being the mastermind behind this shooting. Also the reveal of Tandy’s secret will cause for a lot of drama in the Jaymes/Wyatt family (and that is what it’s all about in show business). But we all know Nashville is slowly ditching the political side of the series (Coleman already left), because nobody liked it in season one. So killing off the mayor would help by closing that storyline. Plus major drama in the Jaymes/Conrad family if Teddy dies (the girls without a father, Rayna being a single mother who needs to get her act together etc.). And I think that Tandy won’t be able to hang on to her secret when Teddy dies, because she already has trouble dealing with it.

– Who was the most awful diva: Juliette or Layla?
– Should Lamar have gotten house arrest?
– Someone is going to die in the mid-season finale. Who do you think it’s going to be?

Nashville 2×09 quotes
Juliette: “‘All y’all’? She’s from Connecticut.”

Deacon: “I only got about three chords in me nowadays.”
Maddie: “Don’t they say that’s all you need to write a song?”
Deacon: “‘Three chords and the truth,’ that’s what they say, yeah.”

Juliette: “Of course. You’re probably just overtired, which is why this will get you home safe and sound for your curfew. Think she understood that?”

Glenn: “When I came back, I thought you’d grown up a little bit.”
Juliette: “What, am I supposed to feel bad because you’re disappointed? Why don’t you just go work for Layla? She’s the appropriate age for a disapproving daddy.”

Rayna: “Well, funny thing about people is they make a lot of mistakes, that can end up hurting the people around ’em. And what I’ve grown to realize is it doesn’t mean they love you any less.”

Brent: “I know. Imagine it’s tough to juggle a diva and a diva in training.”
Will: “Damn near impossible.”

Scarlett: “I feel so awkward on this tour. Gunnar’s making friends with everything that moves, and I’m, like, this stranger everywhere we stop, everywhere we go.”

Will: “Hey, I’ve learned it’s best not to piss off a powerful woman. And certainly not two of ’em.”

Juliette: “What are you doing with her? I mean, with your whole laid-back, aw-shucks cowboy thing, I figured you had a line of girls after every show. But they probably wouldn’t help you trend on Twitter, now would they?”

Will: “Well, maybe someday… If I’m lucky… You know, I’ll… I’ll find someone who makes me feel like the best version of myself.”
Juliette: “The best version of yourself, huh?”

Juliette: “You don’t love me. You don’t. You like the challenge of me, the rush, but love is wanting to help somebody be the best version of themselves.”

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