Nashville 2×10: Guys, gossip and a gunshot

Nashville S02E10

Nashville 2×10: Tomorrow Never Comes
Nashville decided to go out big this year with a soapy and shocking midseason finale! We catch up with all our beloved characters at the much talked about Music Festival back home in Nashville. I have to admit that I really, really enjoyed this episode. The show found it’s groove this second season and was able to give the whole cast an interesting storyline this week. Plus the final minutes had some fun and shocking cliffhangers. Time to break down what happened…

Rayna got dumped by Luke Wheeler because she left the label. I laughed so hard when that happened. Rayna’s face was priceless, when she realized that Luke said goodbye for real (and not just for the night). Good riddance, I hope this is the last we see of Luke “don’t-forget-my-last-name” Wheeler.

Let’s not forget the big news: Well done by taking control over your own record label, Rayna. I wonder if she is going to quite the business after this new album, because technically she would have two artists for her label if she continues to perform. Just sayin’.

Although Gunnar and Zoey lack serious chemistry, I think Scarlett needs to get over herself. I’m getting tired of the victim she is playing these past few episodes. It makes her clingy too, because I’ve missed the chemistry between her and Avery too lately. But maybe Scarlett has a point feeling betrayed by Zoey, because I get the feeling this isn’t the first time that Zoey laid her eyes on one of Scarlett’s old crushes. I hope the writers can work something out, because besides dating Gunnar Zoey hasn’t been very useful this season.

Juliette had a really tough week with the homewrecker rumors. She might looked a little crazy demanding a name from Glenn, but she really needed to vent I guess. She looked so lost when she broke down while talking to Avery (extra points for admitting that the whole Charlie Wentworth thing was dumb). I loved how he helped her out on stage. The chemistry between them is undeniable. Juliette’s diva act completely drops when she is around Avery. I really think she is her true self with him. That’s why I felt so sorry for Juliette when she was about to declare her love to him at his apartment and Scarlett walked by. Because I think Avery is already doubting his relationship with Scarlett (like I said, Scarlett is clinging on to the past). His facial expression when Scarlett told him he was always honest contradicted her words. I really hope that Juliette and Avery will become a couple soon, but I also hope that he can avoid a cheating scandal and just tell Scarlett they don’t work anymore, because he has come such a long way since season one.

Layla might be a bitch to Juliette, but when Jeff Fordham told her he would crush her if she was behind those rumors she finally got put in her place. This is basically the only good thing that Jeff Fordham has done, but I was cheering for him during that scene.

I also liked the Deacon and Gunnar bits. Their songs were great, but I also realized that I’ve missed them interacting this season. They can be quite funny together. Gunnar was right by calling out Deacon on giving free advice. I hope both will get a big break soon (little tip for Rayna: sign both guys for your new record label and you will never have to put out an album again).

I was absolutely shocked about how Will’s story turned out this episode. Hooking up with his ex/manager Brent was obviously going to happen, but wanting to kill himself because of it, that is some serious stuff. I genuinely hope he got out of the way on time, because I actually started to like him and his storyline during this season. Besides his likability I think the show would send out a wrong message when they would let a character who is struggling with his own sexuality commit suicide. Please fix this mess, writers!

I wouldn’t exactly mourn when Peggy would die, because of the shooting (bummer, I guessed the wrong person, but Teddy was definitely the target. So half point for me?). But it would also feel very drastic to kill her character off, because she and Teddy were kind of cute together this episode (I can’t believe I’m saying it, but everything seemed to be in it’s right place when Rayna, Peggy and Teddy talked with each other at the end of the episode). I think we should expect a few hospital scenes and more security detail around the girls and Teddy.

The best song this week is a tough choice. I loved how Avery saved Juliette on stage after being called a homewrecker and Trouble Is is an incredibly catchy song. I actually start to like Will’s version of (another catchy song) What If I Was Willing. Deacon rocked too with Playin’ Tricks (and is able to play guitar again! I’m not an expert but that were more than three chords right?). But Gunnar… he was the big winner this week. The song Can’t Get It Right was mesmerizing and fitted perfectly during the accompanying scenes. You can watch the song on YouTube.

– Who will survive: Peggy or Will?
– Did Juliette got what she deserved during the concert or did you feel sorry for her?
– Should Avery dump Scarlett for Juliette?

Nashville 2×10 quotes
Scarlett: “You would think after 42 unanswered calls, she’d get the message and just leave me alone. Gunnar called, what, 14 times. What is he, like, three times less sorry or somethin’?”

Rayna: “I would love to be in business with you.”
Tandy: “Well, I don’t know if you’re really gonna say that once I start yelling at you about balancing your books.”

Gunnar: “Why do you want to involve me?
Deacon: “Well, uh, I don’t think me, uh, hanging up flyers is gonna work as well as it used to. You do that tweetering thing, right?”
Gunnar: “Tweeting.”
Deacon: “Well, I barely text, so I need you to do that.”

Scarlett: “My ex is sleeping with my best friend and I can’t take this personally?”
Gunnar: “You think this is some let’s-gang-up-on-Scarlett thing? Well, it’s not, okay?”

Brent: “How’s it going with you and Layla?”
Will: “Just great. My type across the board.”

Deacon: “We’ll talk about that later… as in never.”
Gunnar: “Really?”
Deacon: “Yeah.”
Gunnar: “I mean, of all the times, you decide not to weigh in? Giving out free advice is kinda your thing.”

Deacon: “I’m gonna go see Scarlett play. I recommend you don’t join me.”

Juliette: “My fans have stood by me through more than a made-up sex scandal, but thank you for the pep talk. And hey, next time you visit me a few hours before I take the stage to sell albums that benefit your company, you might wanna go with ‘break a leg’.”
Jeff: “I’m just saying, handle this carefully, or the tabloids will eat you alive.”
Juliette: “I’m well aware. They’ve been snackin’ on me my entire career.”

Rayna: “You made a real good front man.”
Deacon: “Learned from the best. I finally ran out of good reasons not to try it myself.”
Rayna: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Juliette to Avery: “The last few months have been really crazy, and I know that I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But when Charlie told me that he loved me, I realized that all I want is to be a person who gets to say ‘I love you’ and really mean it. So…”

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