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13 artists of 2013

2013 was a great year for music. We didn’t want it to go unnoticed. Here is a list of 13 artists (in random order) who dominated the music industry in 2013 one way or another…

01. Robin Thicke
Who said that music videos were dead? Let’s not discuss if the video of Blurred Lines was appropriate… just admit that Robin Thicke had one of the biggest hits of 2013. I’m still not sick of the song, which is a great achievement.

02. Daft Punk
Remember how everyone was freaking out about a simple billboard at SXSW and if the single had leaked or not? When everyone finally got their hands on Get Lucky, it turned out that the excitement wasn’t for nothing. Another song of the year was born.

03. Pharrell Williams
Pharrell was definitely the man of the year. He participated in several hits: Blurred Lines by Robin Thick, Get Lucky by Daft Punk, Liar Liar by Cris Cab and let’s not forget Happy from the soundtrack of Despicable Me 2! He even created a 24 hour during music video of this cheerful song.

04. Miley Cyrus
Miley twerked her way to world fame at the VMAs. She also forgot to put on clothes in her music videos several times. It almost made you forget that her songs weren’t that bad either. If you like her or not, Miley certainly made an impression in 2013.

05. Beyoncé
Who runs the music industry? Queen Bey! After her performance at the Super Bowl she announced a world tour, which is an amazing show. But she really showed that she is the current queen of the music industry when she launched a complete new visual album with seventeen accompanying music videos out of the blue in December.

06. Justin Timberlake
JT is back! He launched not one but two albums (The 20/20 Experience part one and two). Smooth boys like he and Robin Thicke really dominated 2013. Glad to have him back as an entertainer and not just a producer and actor.

07. HAIM
Three sisters who sound like a mix of Fleetwood Mac and nineties R&B were named the BBC Sound of 2013 and they totally deserved it. Besides releasing a great first album, they are amazing live artists. I would definitely recommend to go see them live. They sound even edgier live, so you won’t be able to keep standing still.

08. John Mayer
Johnny Boy found his voice again, literally. Fans finally got to see the Born & Raised tour that has been postponed for a long while. Plus it’s good to hear people talking about his music again (for instance his new album Paradise Valley) instead of discussing which celebrity he’s dating this week (it’s still Katy Perry, FYI).

09. One Direction
Boybands really aren’t a nineties thing anymore. One Direction became the guilty pleasure of a lot of people (including radio DJs) in 2013, because of their radio friendly songs. Their movie This Is Us and album Midnight Memories is filled with catchy singles that get stuck in your head.

10. Lorde
The Lana Del Rey of 2013. She scored a big hit with Royals. YouTube is filled with crazy covers of the song. I wonder if she is going to be a one hit wonder too, because I digged Royals at first but it is starting to get on my nerves lately. Sorry fans!

11. Imagine Dragons
One of the big breakthrough acts is Imagine Dragons. We already knew On Top Of The World because of the show Partners, but the album Night Visions had more big hits in store for us like Radioactive and It’s Time.

12. Katy Perry
There is a unwritten rule that a broken heart is the best thing that can happen to an artist. Katy Perry’s single Roar is prove of that. She also crushed Lady Gaga’s Applause (which was a big flop, to be honest) in the charts with it.

13. Fall Out Boy
At the beginning of 2013 Fall Out Boy announced after a three-year-break (or split up) that they were getting back together. The heart of my sixteen-year-old-One-Tree-Hill-adoring innerself made a little jump. Their album Save Rock And Roll didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait to see them live during their EU tour in 2014.


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