Elementary 2×05: A diamond mine and a wild goose chase

Elementary S02E05

Elementary 2×05: Ancient History
Sherlock and Joan go digging at the local morgue for a new case. The find the body of a former Russian assassin who was killed in a traffic accident with some interesting traces on his hands. In the meantime Joan helps out her friend Jennifer who met the man of her dreams last year. Turns out that Sherlock was that man… Oops. He used to do some surveillance when Watson just moved in as his sober companion. It really sounds like a thing that Sherlock would do (the surveillance not the hooking up with one of her friends). This actually showed how far Sherlock and Joan have come since the beginning of their friend/partnership, which was actually kind of nice.

Elementary 2×05 quotes
Sherlock: “What you are describing is not a case, it is a wild goose chase, only at the end of a proper goose chase you get to eat a delicious goose… in this instance, your friend gets to find out that some sweaty Lothario is not the man of her dreams.”

Sherlock: “The work you are describing falls somewhere between photographing philandering spouses and finding a lost cat.”

Sherlock: “Sometimes, Watson, when one wants a diamond, one must resort to digging in a diamond mine.”
Joan Watson: “For future reference, a morgue is not a diamond mine.”
Sherlock: “It’s better. Diamonds are just pressed coal; corpses have stories, secrets.”

Captain Gregson: “If you’re looking for entertainment, you don’t need to go shopping at the morgue.”

Sherlock: “When the one that you love is revealed to have a dark heart, it is well, it’s excruciating. I speak from experience.”

Joan Watson: “I don’t even know where to begin. I mean, I guess we could start with the, the major betrayal of trust that you just sort of breezed past. You used to follow me?”
Sherlock: “It was not a breach of trust. We did not have this yet. You were new. In order to allow you into my confidence, I needed to get a sense of you. Once I was satisfied your intentions were sincere, I stopped. I have not violated your privacy since.”

Sherlock: “Alive. Again. Why can’t anyone be dead today?”

Sherlock: “While I detest nothing more than willful ignorance, I have come to believe that in certain matters, ignorance bestowed can be a gift.”

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