Elementary 2×06: The suitcase

Elementary S02E06

Elementary 2×06: An Unnatural Arrangement
The show really likes to get up close and personal this season. This episode focuses on Captain Gregson, his wife and their failing marriage. It seems like someone wants to kill the Captain, but as it turns out the intruder had the wrong house. Google Maps isn’t everything, people. Turns out that it has something to do with military business and a female archaeologist, who has been stealing from the dig sites.

In the meantime another cop at the precinct asks Joan (only her) to consult on a case. When Sherlock solves the mystery before Joan gets a chance to work on it, she is not amused to say the least. As an apology Sherlock gives a suitcase filled with his cold cases to Joan, so she can work on her deduction skills. The gesture is actually kind of sweet. Plus with the marriage and partnership issues this episode, we got the chance to see a different side of Sherlock. It seems like he is becoming less of an individual, since he started working with Joan.

Elementary 2×06 quotes
Craig about Sherlock: “I said hi to that guy once, and, uh, he said that I interrupted his train of thought.”

Sherlock about Captain Gregson: “He is also, judging by his e-mails, surprisingly tolerant of forwarded videos of mischievous kittens.”

Sherlock: “Well, as you know, detection is a calling, not a job.”

Sherlock on marriage: “There are other ways to describe it. An unnatural arrangement which forces its participants into an unhealthy monogamy. An accretion of petty fights and resentful compromises which, like Chinese water torture, slowly transforms both parties into howling, neurotic versions of their former selves.”

Sherlock: “I refer to most of the detectives here as ‘not Bell’.”

Sherlock: “It is without doubt my most loathed article of furniture.”
Joan Watson: “I’m touched.”

Sherlock about the suitcase: “My cold cases. They are the handful of mysteries in all of my career which have eluded my powers of deduction. So the next time you wish to hone your skills on a solo venture, I encourage you to peruse them. I’ve already given them my all. So there’s little risk that I will arrive at a solution before you. You might even succeed where I have failed.”

Sherlock: “You should know, Captain, I usually cheer the end of any marriage. As an institution, I think it’s outlasted its usefulness by quite a large margin. And yet I’ve come to appreciate the premise of partnership. It’s far more intricate than I had previously imagined. The very smallest gesture can speak volumes.”
Captain Gregson: “You’re telling me not to give up?”
Sherlock: “I’m telling you, you should never have entered into the charade that is wedded matrimony. You had a partner. Perhaps you still do.”

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