Hart of Dixie 3×06: Meet the parents

Hart of Dixie S03E06

Hart of Dixie 3×06: Family Tradition
Family is tricky business sometimes. When Annabeth tries to get rid of Lavon for the weekend by sending him to a bachelor party, something doesn’t sit right with Lavon. Turns out that she had a good reason, because her parents are in town. Future in-laws are tough, but they are even harder when the root for the other team (with football I mean). But all is forgot when AB’s parents realizes their little girl could land the mayor as her husband. Poor Annabeth. Her parents went a little overboard. The worst part is, the couple is drifting apart because Lavon is fine with how everything is between them but Annabeth wants to know what the future holds. It sucks to see this couple fall apart, because I actually like them together. I hope Lavon sees the light soon.

In the meantime Zoe tries to get to know her family (the Wilkes). There are some ulterior motives though: Joel and Zoe want to rent a house in Bluebell, but one of the Wilkes is the owner. Since Zoe didn’t RSVP’d one of the Evites when she just got in town, The Wilkes aren’t really a fan of her. While crashing one of their parties she tries to decide if she wants to see them on a regular basis. Turns out they are such a warm and welcoming family to the entertainers (which Zoe and Joel pretend to be after Zoe chickened out), but not to Zoe Hart herself. In my opinion Vivian was kind of harsh. I imagine it can be a lot to take in that your father isn’t your real father and suddenly a bunch of strange people are knocking on your door to meet you (as the new aunt/niece).

Lemon and Wade are doing great at the Rammer Jammer, but it’s clearly Wade’s restaurant and not Lemon’s. When the owner of Fancie’s offers to Lemon to buy his place, she declines at first. But after another mishap at the Rammer Jammer she changes her mind. Unfortunately someone out bid her. Poor Lemon, she talks about being in Limbo and I have to agree with her. She made some bigs steps as a person, but her environment is still the same which make her a bit out of place in Bluebell these days.

This episode also focused on the Lynly and George debacle, but they finally did it in a fun way (yes, in the previous episodes Lynly was really annoying in my opinion). Lynly teased George a lot and it was nice to see that he had to admit he had feelings for her, despite everything (Lynly being Lavon’s niece and landing himself in big trouble if Lavon finds out).

– Was Vivian too hard on Zoe?
– Was it a smart idea for Lemon to leave the Rammer Jammer?
– How awful were AB’s parents on a scale from 1 to 10?

Hart of Dixie 3×06 quotes
Zoe: “Any time anyone says they’re excited to hang out with family, I assume it’s like one of those hostage video statements.”

Lynly: “How are your goods? Still damaged?”

Zoe: “Families are hard and expensive. As proven by my therapy bills.”

Zoe: “What if they’re cold and boring? And they shoot what they’re gonna eat for Sunday barbecues, and one Sunday, that could be us.”

Lynly: “Kickoff’s at 7:00, George. I’m sure I’ll see you when your TV magically breaks.”

Vivian: “Just because you happen to be in the bloodline doesn’t mean you belong. The way it works with family, Miss Hart, is you get out what you put in. And you’ve put in nothing.”

Lemon: “I’m so confused, Wade. It’s like I don’t know where I belong in the world anymore. I mean I love it here, but I don’t belong. I still feel like I’m just visiting. Like I’m in limbo. Maybe somewhere between Fancie’s and the Rammer Jammer I will find my home.”

Wade: “And you know, don’t worry about the wine, all right? You’ll always drink for free here. Especially ’cause nobody likes this crap you got from Napa anyway.”

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