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Faves and Flaws: #SherlockLives

It’s impossible to review every show which airs, but we still want to give you a few hints about the good and bad stuff out there. That’s why we will continue to post our personal Faves and Flaws in 2014. What better way to start it than adding an extra Fave?!

ATC’s Hall of Faves
In sports you get an MVP award, on All That Cubeness you get a place in our Hall of Faves. The “hall” where we like to showcase all the big and small things that we found pleasing to the eye. And we mean pleasing to the eye as a figure of speech, cause there’s more to the world than shirtless actors. (Yes there really is, we were suprised too.) 

Season three of Sherlock is AMAZING!!!
Sherlock S03E03
#SherlockLives and returns to London, Mycroft and his goldfish, a badass Mary, John being John, a babbling Mrs. Hudson, feisty Molly, Mary and John’s wedding, a new villain, Sherlock’s mind palace, Sherlock being John’s best man… I could go on and on why this season was so superb. But I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Just promise you will watch the show as soon as possible. It will be worth your while.

Donna LaDonna rocks on The Carrie Diaries!
The Carrie Diaries S02E10 Donna
Donna LaDonna is one of the best characters on TCD. Unfortunately she doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but last week (and the week before) she kind of stole the show with her wisdom and one-liners (like: “It’s true. This rack is an all-access pass.” and “So shut your mouth, and let my tatas do the talking.”). This girl has girl power written all over her. Well done, Chloe Bridges!

Enlisted is ridiculously fun to watch.
Enlisted S01E01
Enlisted is one of the cool comedies this television season (2013-2014). The show focuses on three brothers who are in the army, but aren’t the best soldiers out there. The fun begins when the eldest brother (and brightest soldier) gets reassigned to a Rear Detachment Unit back in the USA, where he has to get a bunch of misfits under control including his two brothers. The writing and the soundtrack are great and the casting is well done. My personal favorite is Chris Lowell (he used to be Piz on Veronica Mars) who plays the slacking brother Derrick and has great comedic timing. The other cool thing about the show is that the crew admitted and apologized for screwing up on a lot of details involving the Army ways. They even made a scavenger hunt out of it for the viewers! Plus to prep themselves, they send the main cast to a military boot camp on a real training facility, after the show got picked up. You can check out the webisodes they made during their stay on FOX’s YouTube channel.

ATC’s Hall of Flaws
Unfortunately, not everything is praiseworthy. And yes, flaws make perfection, that’s true. And yes, we often love our shows for both the good and the bad. But some things just need some work, big time! Below are some of our pointers for the writers to get everything back on track. We’d love to hear if you agree or disagree, so feel free to leave a comment.

Walt and Bennet break up after an AIDS scare on The Carrie Diaries.
The Carrie Diaries S02E10 Walt and Bennet
Shit got real on The Carrie Diaries last week. AIDS was a big thing in the 80’s and I’m glad the writers weren’t scared to integrate the topic in the show. The only thing which I didn’t like were the consequences for one of my favorite TCD couples: Bennet and Walt. It turned out that Bennet’s ex was dying of AIDS. After a negative test result for Walt and Bennet, Walt still decides to break up with Bennet because he is really scared what the future might hold and wants to get back into his gay walk-in closet (great line by Bennet, by the way). It is sad to see that Walt thinks that being gay is something he can switch off and how hard it is for him to hold on to his dreams of the picket white fence. Plus I hate to see Bennet super sad. I think he was more into Walt than he realized. Hopefully the writers will fix this mess before the season (and maybe the show) ends.

Rebecca (White Collar) is not who she claims to be.
White Collar S05E10She was too good to be true. A pretty girl who likes art and isn’t scared off by Neal’s criminal side. Revealing Rebecca as the person who got Curtis Hagen behind bars and probably the big mastermind about Hagen’s and Agent Siegel’s death, is a lot to take. Poor Neal, he deserved a normal girlfriend for once. On the other hand I really hope that the writers don’t back out with a lame excuse after this teaser. Just because it’s extremely cool to watch a villain making his/her next move.

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  1. I have been following your blog for a while, and i think its about time to give you the credit you deserve. You are an amazing writer, and you should continue forever!!! 😀

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