Nashville 2×11: Going up in flames

Nashville S02E11

Nashville 2×11: I’ll Keep Climbing
Good news and bad news: Peggy is dead, Will survived (thankfully!), Juliette is losing everything she worked for, Scarlett is basically losing it all together, Avery has trouble acting on his feelings, Gunnar is the best friend Will can wish for, Zoey makes useless speeches about love, Liam is back, Deacon almost relapses because of the record label pressure, Rayna is becoming a business woman and launched her new label, Layla helps out Juliette and feels left out by Will, Tandy is hiding out at a spa, Maddie writes a killer song with Deacon, Juliette’s assistent Emily is back (yay!), Will’s manager Brent is freaking out about a vanished Will, Teddy becomes paranoid and Kelly Clarkson guest starred forcing Gunnar and Scarlett in one room and working together. Yes, this much happened on the first episode back after the hiatus! It was kinda awesome, don’t you think?

A few sidenotes:
– I didn’t expect Peggy to die immediately. I guess they already spend enough time in the hospital with Rayna this season. It’s almost weird that she had to go so soon. Maybe I was a bit too harsh about her in the past, because I liked the way everything was going after the baby fiasco. Not really interested in Teddy’s paranoid/looking for revenge storyline though.
– Loved the opening montage with Juliette’s Dreams. Almost looked like a videoclip. Sucks that her relationship with Avery is awkward at the moment. I hope she reaches out to him after his sweet voicemail.
– Did Scarlett and Avery break up for real?! Yay! They weren’t a right fit anymore. Maybe Scarlett can finally admit that she still has feelings for Gunnar. Because the chemistry between them was off the charts during that song.
– Did you notice how Gunnar almost forgot to say I love you back to Zoey? I’m so over Zoey by the way. Her speeches about being in love with Gunnar are getting annoying (although Scarlett is acting like a baby in my opinion).
– I’m done with Liam too (always hitting on Rayna). Time to move on to Game of Thrones, Michiel Huisman (Congrats by the way).
– Deacon almost relapsed! OMG. Don’t go there again writers! Deacon has so much good things going for him. I’m glad he realized that soon enough. Plus what a hit with Maddie! It’s clear that Deacon needs Rayna’s genes to write hit songs.
– Does Rayna really thinks that she is still dating Luke Wheeler? Come on, he basically broke up with her because she quit at Edgehill. If Deacon breaks up with the lawyer, Rayna can get back together with him. It’s seems like the timing is right for once (beside the not being single part).
– Really glad that Will is okay, but I hope he learns to deal with his sexuality. He should stop hiding who he really is.
– Feeling sorry for Juliette. I thought for a split second that the insecure Layla would screw her over, but I think se finally realized that their tour was on the line. If she would only not have spread that rumor about Juliette and Charlie Wentworth in the first place…

Best song this week? I loved Lately and Dreams, but I really have to go for Believing by Maddie and Deacon.

– Do you think Juliette is getting what she deserves?
– Should Will come out of the closet?
– Scarlett: super sensitive, naive and annoying these days or does she have a point?

Nashville 2×11 quotes
Avery: “Oh, yeah. You know, those dirty glasses at the Bluebird come in fast and furious.”

Juliette: “It’s all right. They’re just exercising their First Amendment rights.”

Liam response when Rayna tells him she dating Luke Wheeler: “No wonder you looked so miserable when I walked in.”

Gunnar: “You realize when people when people disappear in my life, they tend to end up in a morgue.”

Juliette to Layla: “Because as far as anybody who doesn’t know you is concerned, you’re as pure as the driven snow.”

Scarlett: “We’re like old slippers. Aren’t we? We just stepped back in and tried to pick up where we left off.”

Bucky: “Heck, I remember when you and Deacon used to knock out future number ones between dessert and coffee.”

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