Reign midseason 1 recap: A heartbroken heroine

Reign S01E04

A lot went down on Reign during the first part of the season. We have already introduced you to the show in a special post. Now it’s time to recap the rest of it (writing seven separate reviews is a lot of work), right in time before The CW airs new episodes.

Mary hearts Francis, Thomas, Francis, Bash, Francis
Mary’s love life has been very complicated. She came to French Court to wed the next king of France (Francis), but when the English were knocking on the Scottish borders and current King Henry failed to send troops to help, she needed to look elsewhere. The Portuguese bastard-soon-to-be-legitimized-to-become-the-next-king Thomas was happy to help. A little bit too happy… Mary would have to become his wife to get the troops she needed. After a passionate first kiss between her and Francis, he suggested she should marry Thomas to safe her country. WHAT?! Yes, that really happened. Such a downer right, when a guy does that?

Funny thing happened after that: Francis got his father to send troops anyway, so he wouldn’t have to give away Mary. Bash needed to inform the men, but is ambushed and returns to the castle with a serious stab wound. The boys start talking over the lose of the girl they are both interested in and realize that Thomas orchestrated the whole event to get legitimized in the first place. The boys fight Thomas to the death and safe Mary from an awful marriage. Yay!

Francis and Mary reunite, but before you know it Francis’s ex girlfriend (hook up buddy) Olivia arrives at court. She is all shaken up by an attack in the woods, so Francis really wants to take care of her – leaving a jealous Mary behind. When a tipsy Mary talks to Bash about her feelings (because he is basically the only one where she can drop the royal act and just be like a normal teenage girl around), they end up making out! Yay for team Mash! They are ridiculously cute together. Unfortunately Francis spots them is really mad.

Mary tells Bash that she made an mistake and wonders why he is still pursuing her by sending her a necklace. Turns out that he didn’t and that Mary’s life is at stake, because of the pagans in the woods. Bash has a dept to pay (a human life) and they picked Mary as their new sacrifice. She even has a bleeding deer head in bed (really godfather like actually). Francis is not amused, but Bash fixes the mess he made. When the three reunite, Francis says that he and Mary have to stay away from each other if they want to make decisions with a clear head. They are both allowed to see other people (in other words he can continue to hook up with Olivia), but he forbids her from seeing Bash. OUCH, that hurts.

But everything changes when he forgets to scream out Olivia’s name in bed and the people in the castle are held hostage. That was such an exciting episode! Mary and Francis finally realized that they need to stick together if they want to make right decisions. They are really head over heels in love with each other. After surviving the hostage, they forget about virtues and other political stuff and end up in bed together. Aww, they are very sweet together. The morning after Francis drops the “I hope that you’re pregnant” bomb. Yes, that how much they love each other.

Everything seems to head in the right direction right? Mary loves Francis, he loves her back, they are engaged and King Henry wants to plan a wedding! But Mary has to make a claim on the English throne, because the current queen is dying and the next in line is a Protestant bastard child and the Pope doesn’t want that to happen. PRESSURE. Queen Catherine makes one last attempt to prevent her son’s impending faith if he marriages Mary by telling her of the prophecy. Mary believes Nostradamus vision when one of her ladies in waiting (Aylee) is killed (another prediction by him). Devasted and heartbroken, she decides to fled the castle and runs into Bash at the stables. He promises to accompany her when one of the staff members doesn’t want to let her go without supervision. It seems that they have the same destination: far away from French Court. When Francis sees them leave he runs after them, but fails to catch up and falls on his knees. Funny thing: this looked exactly like Nostradamus vision. Was he wrong after all?

Devious moms, ladies in waiting and castle ghost Clarissa
Wow that was a long story. But there are some side plots to consider too. Queen Catherine de Medici is hellbanned on preventing the marriage between Francis and Mary. But she really stepped up and tried to safe Mary and her ladies in waiting when they were taking hostage by an Italian.

The other mother with devious plans is Diane de Poitiers. She wants to legitimize Bash and change the line of succession to the throne. Bash is not happy with that. In the meantime she is kicked out as the official mistress when the king takes an interest in Kenna (one of Mary’s ladies). Kenna is the slut of the group and easily impressed with the gifts she gets from the king. But she feels mistreated when the king fails to end things for good with Diane (which basically leaves Kenna ruined). Like Catherine says, Diane has always survived because she is in the king’s heart.

The other ladies in waiting are quite interesting too. Lola takes an interest in Bash when he is wounded. Greer, who needs to find a man with a title and land, falls for the charms of the kitchen boy. Who wouldn’t, because he is adorable! Aylee helps out Mary, by faking to steal from her and becoming one of Queen Catherine’s pets. Aylee is basically Mary’s best and useful lady in waiting, because she isn’t super busy pursuing her own goals at court. Unfortunately poor and pure Aylee gets killed by the poison that is meant for Kenna. A poison that is given by Clarissa the castle ‘ghost’, who lives inside the castle walls. Most of the time she has been a great friend to Mary and saved her from a wrongful marriage, poisoning and helping out when everyone was held hostage, but killing one of Mary’s most loyal ladies is just wrong. Even Nostradamus is pissed that she helped fulfill the prophecy. Clarissa’s story and connection to Mary is quite mysterious by the way, because we’ve only see her with a bag over her head.

To make a long story short: the first eight episodes of Reign where great! Every episode has had some intriguing event. A simple kiss, a suprising move by a character or Mary stepping up as a true Queen instead of a being a victim of her complicated situation. Let us know what you think of the first half of the season in the comments!

– Are you team Frary of team Mash?
– Who deserves the evil mom award more: Queen Catherine de Medici or Diane de Poitiers?
– Who is your favorite lady-in-waiting?
– What is your favorite dress worn by Mary?

Reign quotes
Mary (1×05): “It was so foolish of me to think that we could ever be just a boy and just a girl. I mean, that implies that one is free to leave if one is unhappy. And while I am stuck here with no recourse, he’s free to do whatever he wants with whoever he wants.”

Bash (1×08): “You and Francis, you talk as if Mary’s a cool glass of water, and I’m a man dying of thirst.”
Diane (1×08): “And it’s only our talk that makes you thirsty? Do you know why I warn you, why Francis has? Because there’s a thirst inside her, as well, for you. Keep your distance from her. No one is worth dying for.”

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