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Weekly round-up: Your Pre Super Bowl reading

Stills from Hart of Dixie, Reign, Nashville and Sherlock

Stills from Hart of Dixie, Reign, Nashville and Sherlock

Got your snacks and foam finger* ready? You’d better have, cause it’s Super Bowl Sunday, duh! While we’re not that into the sport itself (I mean, not coming from the US makes that these teams don’t really spark a sports-fan-fire in us, sorry!) we are very excited to see the half time show by Grammy Award winner Bruno Mars and not to forget: the extravagant commercials. Yes, we’re that kind of people. Speaking of Grammy’s, how did you like the show last week? We’d say: Wet Beyoncé’s, Beatles, lots of hats and weddings combined; it sure has been some interesting television.

Anyhoozles, Super Bowl. About to happen. Quick, before that, read some of our articles from the past two weeks.

*this time without Miley involved

Reign midseason 1 recap: A heartbroken heroine
Nashville 2×11: Going up in flames
Faves and Flaws: #SherlockLives
Hart of Dixie 3×06: Meet the parents

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