About All That Cubeness

All That Cubeness started like (almost) every other blog in the world wide web: friends talking about their shared interest. To be specific: television series (plus movies and music). We discuss previous episodes and plot developments. Or we give each other tips on what to watch, because the other one is missing out on something amazing! After postponing the idea to start an entertainment blog for almost a year (there was work to be done and getting our Bachelor degree in Communication was kind of time-consuming too), we – Chantal & Marjola – decided in September (2012) that it was now or never. So here it is: All That Cubeness! We are proud of our blog and we hope that you will enjoy reading it as well.

We would like to mention a few people and fansites, because they are an inspiration for us and you should really check their websites/Twitters! First of all Carina McKenzie and Tierney Bricker – these two probably have the coolest jobs ever! You can follow them via @cadlymack and @tbrick2 (by the way don’t you think that their Twitter name looks like a rapper?). A great fan site of The Vampire Diaries: Vampire-Diaries.net and two Gossip Girl fan sites: GG insider and YouKnowYouLoveMe.org.

You can read more about us (Chantal & Marjola) over here. If you have a question or want to contact us about something else, you can leave a comment or contact us via e-mail. Also check out our rules/FAQ page if you want to know more about the shows we write about and the mystery behind the blog’s name.


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