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Who are the people behind All That Cubeness? Well we are Chantal & Marjola. Both proud owners of a Bachelor degree in Communication who love to watch a lot of television (and when we say a lot, we mean A LOT). We promise you we’re not creepy hermits with a slightly bigger interest in light from a tv screen than from outside. But close. Just kidding; next to our (of course very importantly full) day-to-day life, we just enjoy watching our favorite comedy and drama series from the States. We started to watch these television shows quite a while ago. Now let’s not give away our age here just yet, but most of them could easily be called golden oldies, ssshhh. (Relax we are no golden girls ourselves though). So what better way to introduce ourselves than by what we like to call “our tv-addiction-Big-Bang”, the one that started it all.

Chantal (24):
First tv show I watched? Difficult question that is! My very first tv related memories involve a mini version of myself, my little brother and parents, a couch and Little house on the prairie, Growing Pains and/or 7th Heaven. (Yes, we have always been very rock and roll). Also, I Carlton danced with the Fresh Prince, imitated slow-motion running along the beach (completely failing at looking cool) and now owe all of my (small amount but still…) mythology knowledge to Hercules and Xena. Don’t forget Saved By the Bell, Lizzie McGuire, Two Guys and a Girl, Lois & Clark, Boy Meets World, Married With Children, Home Improvement, The Nanny, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends (!!), Beverly Hills, Full House (!!), et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Goooooo 90s!

So what started my small obsession for television shows? Probably my parents buying a tv.

To be completely honest though, until 5 minutes ago I thought ships were nothing more than huge boats. (Giving away that I’m a newbie in tv-blog land, yes?) Now that I obviously know better: Ross & Rachel are cool (duh!), but one must never under appreciate Monica & Chandler. I’m usually rooting for the unexpected, geeky, but oh so cute, chemistry-oozing duos.

What I used to watch (and occasionally still do): Friends. Friends. Friends. Friends. Friends. Since I have this show as my one and only and most precious dvd box, I’ve watched all seasons several times from beginning to end with remembering lines almost better than the actual cast as result. I’m convinced that even after countless repeats those six friends will never get old. In figure of speech, and literally on my dvds. (By the way, also on my dvd box wish list: Full House. Same story.)

What I’m watching this season: This season I’m watching not so many shows, just waaaay too many. In alphabetical order: 2 Broke Girls, 90210, Ben and Kate, The Carrie Diaries, Don’t trust the B—- in Apartment 23, Glee, this sentence is becoming very rhymy, Go On (!!), Gossip Girl, Guys with Kids, How to live with your parents (for the rest of your life), The Mindy Project, Modern Family (!!), Nashville, New Girl (!), The New Normal (!), Partners, Revenge, Smash (!!), Suburgatory and Up All Night. That is, if my schedule allows this ambitious (and slightly crazy) plan. I will probably skip a few in the next months. And that’s ok, it’s also important to have a social life and breathe some fresh air occasionally.

It wouldn’t be the first time I quit watching a show before its end. What I once watched but never finished: Recently Pan Am was a little too slow for me. Might catch up on that one, one day.

What I would like to watch: The Office, Community, Chuck, Entourage, Gilmore Girls (love it, but have never seen it from beginning to end, only parts of seasons), Will & Grace (ditto), Ugly Betty (ditto twice) and Breaking Bad (I know!). If only a day would have trazillion hours.

Marjola (23):
The first television show I ever watched was The O.C. I don’t know which year it was, but it was the episode that Kirsten visited Ryan in jail (1×03). It got me interested and not long after that I also started to watch the poor version of The O.C.: One Tree Hill. I still remember having discussions with my dad about watching these television shows in stead of soccer on the sacred soccer Sunday night. We had them weekly… Basically it meant that I always missed the first few minutes (boo!). These two shows got me addicted to television series in general. But I also want to mention an Australian television show, which I watched a few years before that: Heart Break High. Simon Baker (now Patrick Jane on The Mentalist) and Dominic Purcell (yes the brother of Michael Scofield on Prison Break) were on that show once, but the most famous characters were Drazic and Anita (other fans are sighting right now… no don’t lie, you do).

Well you probably can imagine who are my favorite ships by now: Seth and Summer (OC), but mostly Nathan and Haley (OTH) – always and forever. Although I was a big fan of Peyton, I became a Leyton shipper in the later seasons, because I was quite ok with the Jeyton storyline they had going for a while. Although it was always meant to be Leyton – don’t hate me Brucas fans. Plus I’m a Chair fan – that scene in the limo was jaw-dropping and so steamy for a show on this particular network (including GG famous ad campaigns).

Oh and one thing you need to know about me is that I like to discover old television shows during the summer when I don’t have my normal doses of at least 10 shows a week. (Hey don’t be shocked, we said that we watched A LOT of shows.) For instance a few years ago I discovered GREEK and this year I discovered Gilmore Girls. Just want to show some love for GREEK’s Casey and Cappie plus Gilmore couple Rory and Jess (but later seasons Rory and Logan – although R+J chemistry was still undeniable in season 6). And a quick shout-out for Adam Brody – the awesome Seth Cohen (OC) and Dylan O’Brien who rocks on Teen Wolf with his impeccable one-liners (in a way he is such a little Seth, aww).

Before I babble too much (about my awesome – and still growing – DVDbox collection of 23 boxes and wanting to work at the Marketing department of a television network), I just want to give you a simple list – with “a few” comments – of what I used to watch, what I’m watching this season and what I never finished watching (I just never caught up with Modern Family – even when it’s Emmy awesome apparently) and a few shows I would like to watch some day.

What I used to watch (and occasionally still do): One Tree Hill (I grew up with this show – It was so sad to watch the series finale last season), The O.C. (Welcome to the O.C., bitch – years lasted before I finally saw this famous line – although, just like the horse’s head in The Godfather, you just know that it exists), Veronica Mars (studios stop being a pain in the ass and start making the movie – pretty please!), Prison Break, Heart Break High (aww Drazic and Anita), 10 Things I Hate About You (Heath was great in the movie, but that voice of Ethan Peck: WOW! – great job on the casting of this show), Ringer, The Secret Circle (this one should NOT have been cancelled!), Breakout Kings, Friends (still working on watching all seasons in the right order though), GREEK (everybody wants to join the Greek system after watching this show), Gilmore Girls, Life UneXpected, Privileged, Pan Am (sad to not see the follow-up), Valentine.

What I’m watching this season: 2 Broke Girls, Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23, Arrow (very excited for this pilot!), Ben and Kate, Elementary, Emily Owens M.D., Go On, Gossip Girl (saying goodbye this year), Hart Of Dixie (this show is so sweet I totally fell for it during the season. And Rachel Bilson said IEW in the pilot – Summer (OC) style), Nashville, New Girl (one word: Schmidt), Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge (a must watch), Teen Wolf, The Mentalist, The Vampire Diaries (saving one of the best for last), White Collar.

What I once watched but never finished: Modern Family, 90210 (they ruined it!), Glee, Hellcats, Friends with Benefits, Joan of Arcadia (but I really want to finish it one day), NCIS (still working on that too) and too many other shows that are actually not worth mentioning.

What I would like to watch: The Sopranos, Happy Endings, Dexter, Heroes (yeah because of Milo in Gilmore Girls), Friday Night Lights, Everwood, The Office (USA) and probably some other shows which I can’t remember the name of right now.

Yes, I probably forgot a few shows above – there are just too many (and bravo for the ones who managed to read this whole page – we like you already). Also follow me on Pinterest – especially the Seen On Screen (SOS) board!


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